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Getting 'This page is not using a valid page layout

  Asked By: Jaron    Date: Jan 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 19500

I have a site that is part of a site-collection that we are getting
the following error on:

'This page is not using a valid page layout. To correct the problem,
edit page settings and select a valid page layout'

This site comes up just fine when looking at the site in view mode but
when someone logs in who has contribute or site owner rights, we get
this error right away.

Any idea how i can fix this issue. This is happening in my production
environment. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jolene Sandoval     Answered On: Jan 27

We have seen something similar where a site's URL was changed, and
some pages still point to the page  layout with the old URL.

Someone found a blog post with a workaround using SPD to edit  the
link to the layout  in the code of the page (unfortunately I don't
have the link to the original blog post to give due credit). This
worked for us, although our situation was a bit different. Yours is
different again, but it is probably worth trying. Here is what they

We are getting error  "Value does not fall within the expected range"
when try to change the "Page Setting" in MOSS 2007. Yes, again same
error message as in here (In fact, this error occurs is various
scenarios). This error only happens when you copy an aspx page using
SharePoint designer from one server to another severs (development
server to production server). Once you try to edit the Page Setting,
the error will occurs. We did some googling around but no luck. Some
sites mention that the page is link to the old Page Layout's URL and
we are not able to change it since we cannot access the page
setting. But, there are a workaround where you can solve it! Here
are the steps:

You cannot copy and paste the aspx page using SharePoint designer.

First, export the aspx page using SharePoint designer to a physical

Open the aspx page with notepad and search on
the "mso:PublishingPageLayout". You will notice your development
portal URL is there.

ebPartPage.aspx, Blank Web part  Page</mso:PublishingPageLayout>

Replace your development URL (xxxdevelopmenturl) to the production
URL and save it.

Open your production site  with SharePoint Designer and import the
modified aspx page.

That's all. You should able to change the page setting without any
error. Do note that if you are using reporting services in the aspx
page, you can replace all the report's URLs too. In that case, you
do not need to reconfigure all the web parts again. This saves us a
lot of effort since our aspx page contains more than 25 web parts.
It will take us hours to reconfigure the report URL and parameters.

Answer #2    Answered By: Brandan Roach     Answered On: Jan 27

I will give this a shot. Also i
found something in the stsadm tool:
stsadm -o gl-fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl

When i used it in our test environment, i initially broke something
but i was able to fix  it. But i am still trying to fix the
production and havn't had any luck. I am sure its not working
beacuse i don't quite have the cyntax down.

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