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Getting a Configuration error when trying to upgrade Sharepoint

  Asked By: Elijah    Date: Jul 03    Category: MOSS    Views: 973

I ran into an error with SharePoint 2007 where I could not Start up a
the last service on the list. I just thought it would be ok just to
un-install and re-install SharePoint 2007. It installed fine, but I
can't configure it right now. When I try to run the configuration,
here is the error window that pops up:

The Microsoft Sharepoint Products and Technologies Configuration
Wizards encountered an error and must close. Launch the wizard again
from the shortcut in the Start Menu.

An exception of type
was thrown. Additional exception information: Sharepoint Products and
Technologies cannot be configured. The current installation mode does
not support SKU to SKU upgrades because there exists an older version
of Windows Sharepoint Services that must be upgraded first.

For further details please see the diagnostic log located at
C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server

I went to the log file and I found this error:

The setuptype is a sku2skuinplace upgrade and there exists a wssv2
connection string and not a wssv3 connection string. This means the
server needs to be upgraded first and this should have never been a
sku2sku upgrade.

I even tried uninstalling and re-installing WSS 3.0 just to see if it
would make a difference and I get THE SAME ERROR. (I'm just a bit

If anyone could lend some help to this situation, I would be really



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