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Cannot Get a Login Box

  Date: Oct 13    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 1922

One of my portal users has this problem: When he tries to access
the sharepoint portal, no login box appears, and he gets an "Access Denied" page
- it never asks for his login credentials. However, on that site there is a
subsite that has anonymous access, and he can access that one. But there is no
chance for him to login at all. What gives there? I set all his internet
options to prompt for username and password, but to no avail. He is using
Windows 7 on a laptop computer with one of those wireless hotspots. I've
googled the universe but can't find any answers. Please help!



19 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Oct 13    

Not sure, but it sounds as if he checked the Save Login and Password

Answer #2    Answered On: Oct 13    

Or the settings in the browser are such that the local login credentials
are being sent automatically to the site.

Answer #3    Answered On: Oct 13    

That is what I am thinking. The question is, how do I undo that? Where can I
make the change? I know XP, but I don't know Windows7 so well - access to all
the config panels have been moved to different places!

Answer #4    Answered On: Oct 13    
Answer #5    Answered On: Oct 13    

Yes, I already did this, but to no avail.

Answer #6    Answered On: Oct 13    

Can he access the site on another PC?
Can he access the site using a different browser?

Answer #7    Answered On: Oct 13    

Well, it is sort of a company laptop, and has only Internet Explorer. He has
another computer, running Vista, but both computers connect through an AT&T
wireless network, via a MIFI 2372 router. Have you ever heard of a problem
between a wireless network and sharepoint?

Answer #8    Answered On: Oct 13    

It shouldn't make a difference.

Do you have an AD network with all clients as domain members?

I was guessing you having a domain. If he were to login to another PC does the
problem follow him? If yes it is his account. If no it's his PC.

Answer #9    Answered On: Oct 13    

No, it is a hosted sharepoint services. I have over 250 users and have never
had this problem before. I don't see how it could be his account, because he
can't even get to a login box to enter his account information. It has to be in
his PC somewhere - but where?

Answer #10    Answered On: Oct 13    

Ok. Let me see if i got this.

SharePoint hosted solution
It only affects him on his PC. (He can use any other PC and it works?)

Does he login to his PC? (Is his account password protected?)

Did you reset IE?
Can you install Firefox and test it out on his laptop?

I would try resetting his IE:

His credentials may be hosed. Try resetting

Answer #11    Answered On: Oct 13    

Those were good tries, but no cigar, yet. He did have a password saved in the
windows vault, which I just deleted, but that didn't help either. I reset IE
(it was already on a default configuration anyway), but that didn't help either.
I'll try firefox next.

Answer #12    Answered On: Oct 13    

Installed Firefox, and it is blocked too.

Answer #13    Answered On: Oct 13    

Can you create another user on his laptop and see if the new account works?
(Checking for corrupt profile)

And I just for giggles check his date and time.

Answer #14    Answered On: Oct 13    

Thanks for helping! This particular computer, well, I actually set it up here
at our office and shipped it to him. It has two accounts - his standard user
account, and my admin account. I tried with both accounts and neither connect.
He says he has the problem also on his other computer, which also uses his
wireless network. The problem is in the wireless connection somewhere. There
is a subsite on the portal that allows anonymous access, and he CAN access that
page, but even in that page, if you "change users", it says access denied.

Date & Time? They are on the same time zone as I am - central, and his clock is

Somewhere in the wireless setup the authentication is being denied. He is using
an AT&T mifi 2732 wireless service. Any clues?

Answer #15    Answered On: Oct 13    

You might want to try turning off Windows Firewall and any antivirus
Firewall he has installed. It might be blocking the authentication.

Check his mifi setup too to make sure there is no Firewall there.

Answer #16    Answered On: Oct 13    

I tried disabling the firewall completely. Windows Defender is disabled, and
the security software is just MS Security Essentials. He has the same problem
on two computers.

Answer #17    Answered On: Oct 13    

Mind sharing the problematic URL with us?

Answer #18    Answered On: Oct 13    

I suppose. http://portal.sspxusa.org
No other computer besides his has this problem. You should at least get the
login box.

Answer #19    Answered On: Oct 13    

Try this:


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