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How will one get to know that discussion is started on a document?

  Asked By: Diamond    Date: Aug 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 736

I am facing the following problems:

How will one get to know that discussion is started on a document? Is
there any alert facility to notify that a discussion has begun?

I have uninstalled office XP from the machine where Share Point
portal server 2000 is installed. Now I have installed office 2000.
How do I configure office to get the check in, check out and publish
options? Is there any specific order to install office and Share
Point portal server 2000?

We have categorized 15 documents manually into a category. Then we
trained the category assistant. But the next document (16th document)
is not getting categorized. What could be the reason?

During the approval process the reviewer should receive a mail with a
link of the document to be reviewed. Are there any settings to enable
this process?

What is the search mechanism used by Share Point portal server?

After subscribing a file/folder with the option How Often as 'When a
change occurs' no email is received if any change occurs.

We have installed share point client, office 2000 on a Windows NT
server. The role of the user is coordinator. The folders like content
sources and workspace setting are not present in the management folder

We have about 200 categories . Is there any way to copy the
categories ? or any program to do that?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jessi Sweet     Answered On: Aug 22

Have you looked at any of the documentation that comes with SPS v1? Most
of these questions are answered in the help files. As for urgent
doubts, I would suggest you avoid deploying a production server  until
you actually play with it in Test. IF you just throw this out there
without knowing what it can and can not do you will simply be an
accident waiting to happen..

My suggestion is to read the help files that ship with V1 and ask for
any clarifications and most on in the groups will be more than happy to

1. There is a client piece to install for office  2000/sps
2. SharePoint uses MS Search Services.
3. There are a million reasons why email is not sent, the most
prominate one is the SMTP server settings are not correct.
4. Managing a SPS must be done with a Win2k machine, those
functions will not show up on a NT box
5. What do you mean "copy categories"? Copy to another workspace or
server? No easy way with exception of playing with the import export
tool or custom coding it.