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Gaining Importance From Sharepoint Web Parts

  Date: Nov 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 701

SharePoint is gaining importance these days with the various advantages
that it is able to give to the business. One of the main components of
the SharePoint Business Intelligence
<www.aegisisc.com/sharepoint-developers.html> is SharePoint we
parts, which are very useful for those who are involved with the
SharePoint Business Intelligence tools. The web parts that are normally
available in the server are default SharePoint web parts. There are
five types of web parts. These web parts have a lot of advantages like
* There is no need for coding when there are web parts
* The web parts are very general
* The web parts are re usable and can be used for different
SharePoint business intelligence tools
* Master detail applications can be written without any coding
because of web parts
* It is possible to customize because of the SharePoint web parts
* Now that we know the advantages let us see what each web part
offers in detail.
* This business data list web part will show the list of the instance
that is registered with the Business data catalog. Say for example one
need it's of the executable orders of the organization you can get it
easily gets it with the help of the business data list web part.
* The Business data Item web part will show details of the
instances of the entity from applications of the business. For example
if you need more details about a particular order instead of just the
list then you need to get it with the help of this part.
* With the help of Business Data Related List web part one can see
instances which are related to the business application. For example to
know all the transactions done by a particular customer this web part
can be used to get the needed details.
* The Business Data Actions SharePoint web parts
<www.aegisisc.com/...oint-custom-web-parts.html> shows what
all actions that can be performed by the users who are using the
portal. Say for instance a customer entity will be able to perform
actions like send mails to the customers, edit their mailing information
* Business Data Item Builder web part will be able to create the data
item having in mind a variety of parameters and will provide to the
other web parts important SharePoint business intelligence information.



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