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Full Trust Proxy for WCF Service in Sandboxed web parts

  Date: Sep 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 1115

I have some questions on Full Trust Proxy in Sandboxed web parts. I
searched, but couldn't get much help.

1. I saw some examples for creating Full Trust Proxy, but I am looking for a
scenario which will give some insight into creating Full Trust Proxy for WCF
service methods for my use in Sandboxed web parts.

2. In the Full Trust Proxy, can we define more than one WCF service
operation like GetData, SaveData, DeleteData, all in one proxy class itself?
Moreover, I need to get back DataContract objects from the WCF service calls
by passing some parameters to the WCF methods. Can anyone please provide
some sample code or links, where this exact scenario has been achieved by

3. I could even create a Sandboxed Visual web part. But I was curious to
know whether I can use AjaxControlToolkit controls in it or not. Any ideas?

4. Using ECMA script, can I access a WCF service method, by passing
parameters and get the DataContract objects and bind them to various
controls in my Sandboxed Visual Web part ascx, like GridView, DropDownList,
ListBox and so on? Can I perform other operations like Save or Update,
Delete etc., also using ECMA script? Has anyone got any useful links or code
samples in this direction? Basically, can we achieve any server side
operation using ECMA script, like Page Load, writing event handlers, binding
controls, getting / saving data and so on?



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