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Foundational CMS Questions

  Asked By: Nadia    Date: Feb 04    Category: MOSS    Views: 1103

I have a few questions as I prepare to develop a MOSS2007 CMS Public site for our organization.

Public Facing MOSS2007 Internet Site for Content Management (with Publishing/WorkFlow) w/o Deployment (no Staging Server). Just want to make sure we begin on the right path before we delve too deeply into content deployment. We will eventually work with the Document Management as well for online forms and such.


1.) a.) Which Site Definition should we use to begin with? Collaboration Portal, Team Site, etc.
b.) Should we create a custom Site Definition and if so, which do we base it upon?
c.) Since there will be sites below the top level site (homepage), should their Site Definitions differ from the top?
(IE Collaboration Portal for top level, Team Sites below that).

2.) Since there will be significant CSS changes, as well as multiple MasterPages per site level, should we override the CORE.CSS and what is the preferred method for doing so (Inline, Override Textbox in Site Settings, Custom Function, etc).

3.) Editing Custom MasterPages, there is a place for PlaceHolderMain, yet no breakdown of the Web Part Zones contained within this area. What defines the Web Part Zones and their placement on a given MasterPage?

4.) Calendar and Announcement WebParts only seem to be options in a Team Site. Is there a way to enable these for use in other definitions? Is that done on the MasterPage, the ONET.XML, etc. Basically, how do we select from the Smorgasbord if they are prepackaged into Value Meals?

5.) Assuming that we will eventually be writing custom Web Parts, should we contain the entire Sharepoint Solution on VS2008 as a deployable package, or keep the Web Parts separate within Visual Studio and rely on Sharepoint Designer for the inner workings of Sharepoint.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Carey Everett     Answered On: Feb 04

1a) Start with the minimal Publishing site  Definition. It doesn't contain any exemplary assets you are very likely not to use in your own site (see the code @ www.wrox.com/.../...rver-2007.productCd-0470224754,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html for more details).

1b) See 1a

1c) It all depends on how the pages you want to deploy automatically look like. In most cases you'll end up with one Site Definition and multiple  Configurations. If you want to leverage the concept of minimal Publishing Site Definition you will create  Features which will deploy your configuration

2) Provide your own css  files, deploy them using Solution/Feature and refer to them from the custom  Master Page. The best practice is to never change any of the standard sharepoint  files as they might be overwritten in an update, etc.

3) You define Web Part Zones inside Page Layouts not the Master Page. The Master Page defines only content  containers. In case of a "Web Part Page" the you can fill that container with a Web Part Zone

4) In order to be able to use the standard Collaboration Lists you have to activate the Team Collaboration Lists Feature. Then you will be able to create any of the lists you have mentioned.

5) You should always strive to provide a deliverable which can be automatically deployed. MOSS 2007 Solution leverages that concept and provides whole mechanism for deploying custom Web Parts/Code.

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