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Forums tools?

  Asked By: Anushka    Date: Apr 09    Category: MOSS    Views: 702

We currently use MCMS for our public web site. We are planning the
move to MOSS, and one of the questions that came up was related to
member forums for our site.

We currently have security tied w/ our AMS (association management
system), the CMS, and our forums. Members login to our web site and
can get into the forums they have rights to use.

We are wondering if we should try to continue using these forums (we
use "InstantForum" by "InstantASP", and we've had no luck getting
support from the company) or if we should go w/ something else when
we move to MOSS. One question was, will MOSS's
redesigned "discussion board" list work for this, or do we need
something better. I'm guessing the latter.

Any suggestions/personal experience out there? We basically need a
single sign-on for our members so they can go directly into the
forums and see only forums linked to their membership lists. They
need to post, reply, etc. And, FYI, we have more than 50K registered
web users.

If you know how this can be done directly in MOSS or if there are
highly-recommended community/forums software out there that could
tie in nicely w/ MOSS and member authentication, that would be great!



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Answer #1    Answered By: Baiju Hoskeri     Answered On: Apr 09

Of course, it depends upon your actual needs for a forums  tool.
However, I work  for a company  that specializes in integrating MOSS with
various AMS systems. We have many clients that are using the SharePoint
Discussion lists  for Forums functionality. The SharePoint 2007
Discussion Lists provide a lot of traditional Forums functionality
including being able to participate via email (with Alerts and
email-enabled lists), moderated and un-moderated forums, individual
forum security, attachments, and much more.

I think you'll be surprised at what is available out of the box...

If you'd like some assistance or more info, feel free to contact me

Answer #2    Answered By: Kristy Hicks     Answered On: Apr 09

Can you tell me how this kind of thing is set up? I'm just feeling
my way around MOSS right now, and I have done very little in the WCM
side that we'd be using for our public/member-facing site. Where can
you create discussion  lists? I'm very used to the intranet and WSS
sites, so I certainly know how to set up a forums-like environment
there by creating discussion lists. Is it similar for the WCM/web
site side of things?

Thanks, and sorry for my ignorance here. We actually have a
consultant coming in next week to start helping us w/ the MOSS
planning phase. I'll definitely ask them if they have experience
setting up forums  using MOSS out of the box.

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