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How to force MOSS to create My Sites using the same language as the

  Asked By: Hiral    Date: Dec 04    Category: MOSS    Views: 816

We're supporting a French portal site collecton and an English portal
site collection in the same farm (with the MOSS multi-language pack
installed). French uses only have access to the French portal;
English, to the English portal.

We want to force newly created My Sites to be created with the same
language as the portal site collection that a particular user has
access to. We don't need to worry about duplicate French and English
My Sites being created.

MOSS can be enabled to support multi-language My Sites ...but the
user is given the choice of language the first time they try to
access their My Site. We don't want this ...we want the My Site to
be forced to use the language of the parent portal site collection.


1. What approaches are there for forcing a newly created My Site to
use the language of the parent portal site collection?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Terrance Vasquez     Answered On: Dec 04

You're going to run into problems with this, because each MySite in
and of itself is its own site  collection independent of other
collections. That and I'm guessing that your MySite installation
probably even runs on its own port independent of other site
collections, since that's the way it's typically configured. I'll let
the gurus on the list provide information if they think there's a
workaround, but since they're essentially two very different service
types, I'm not sure I see how you'd be able to pass this information

Answer #2    Answered By: Darrin Massey     Answered On: Dec 04

Sorry to be so late answering on this.

Found the question looking for something else.

Here is what I would try:

On two separate applications create  one MySite host per application, one
using the English template, one using the French template.

List both of them as Trusted MySite hosts.

Target your users (via domain groups as an audience) to the appropriate
MySite host.

Surely you have groups that identify the users by language.

MySites created  on a MySite host should match the language  of the host
unless you check the box to allow users to select a language which is
not what you want to do.