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Follow-up Question on Master Pages

  Asked By: Dejuan    Date: Mar 26    Category: MOSS    Views: 1054

Since SPD2007 seems to cause any master page that it modifies to become
unghosted... I'd like to ask you all for a little more information:

Is it possible to simply copy one of the existing master page examples
that come with MOSS 2007? Then modify that the graphics and add it as
an additional master page template?

I tend to think the master page templates in MOSS 2007 are sufficient
for our needs, at least initially. What I'd like to do is change the
colors on the graphics and then add that modified version of the basic
master pages templates back to MOSS 2007.

The real issue for me, as a non-developer type working on a prototype,
is that I can find the master templates in MOSS 2007, but I've got no
idea where the collateral (images, etc.) reside for the templates. I'm
assuming that MOSS copies the graphics and suck from a location to the
production website when you select a specific master page template from
within MOSS....

Obviously, my entire reason for going down this route is that I want to
make simple changes and not have things become unghosted.

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.



6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Judy Pittman     Answered On: Mar 26

You can copy  an existing master  page and make all the modifications
you want, add your own logo, etc. You can upload all your images into
the site collection images and everything will work just fine. All
you have to do then is set your site collection to inherit the master
page into all children sites and you will have that same master page
across your site. You will also need to modify the style sheet file
(css) or even better, create your own. That will allow you to change
colors, font types, mouse overs, etc. If you want to change the
layout of the page, you also have to create your own version of
You can do all three with SPD.

Answer #2    Answered By: Caleb Gordon     Answered On: Mar 26

Never edit a file based master  page using SharePoint designer. SharePoint
designer will repoint the location of some of the controls away from URL
based references to file based references. This will break the master page
and SharePoint. Use Visual Studio or Notepad to edit File system based

Answer #3    Answered By: Himanshu Gohil     Answered On: Mar 26

Curiously, does anyone know if MindSpring has a customizing sharepoint
class for unworldly system admins?

Answer #4    Answered By: Ashton Schroeder     Answered On: Mar 26

Don't know about MindSpring, but Mindsharp does:


Goes from just using the UI for customizations through SharePoint

You won't be a beginner on Friday.

Answer #5    Answered By: Iris Ballard     Answered On: Mar 26

It is possible to make copies of existing master  pages and edit them. But
there are several things you need to know.

1) You should never edit an original Master page  directly. Always make
copy  and edit the copy. Microsoft will not support an edited version of
the original and it may be overwritten by a Service Pack.

2) Never edit a Master Page on the file system using SharePoint
Designer. It will break the Master Page. You should only use Visual Studio
for filing system based pages.

3) The best way to implement a custom master is by creating your own
custom site definitions. In the Project element of the ONET.xml add a
CustomMaster property that points to your customized Master. This will add
your master to the Masterpages gallery of each site in place of the

4) There are several other masters used by other pages  that cannot be
customized this way. For example, Application.master, simple.master, etc.
You would need to edit the .aspx pages directly.

5) While you are at it create an AlternateCSS and CustomJSUrl attribute
to implement a custom Cascading Style sheet and custom JavaScript file

Answer #6    Answered By: Jamila Guthrie     Answered On: Mar 26

Have you gleaned thru these two sites:

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