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Fly-outs not working ?

  Asked By: Michael    Date: May 10    Category: MOSS    Views: 5875

I've been trying to do fly-outs for navagiation on a MOSS site using SPD for a
week now. From researching blogs & WEB it seemed like all I had to do was set
MaxDynamLevels=2 in a sites master page(SP may be wrong am doing this from
memory at home). I have a 4-5 level site, and tried this on deepest 2 levels,
one at a time. No effect whatsoever. The blog that said to do this also said
something about setting "starting node". None of my master pages had this
field/property. I found another blog which said he could not get fly-outs to
work until he changed the site template to be "publishing".

Next, I tried to turn on published for a new sub-site but wound up getting
some sort of master page error on top-level site. Also, top-level bar changed,
and options for top-level site changed. Prior to this all sites were built
with "team/collaberation" template.

So Question, do fly-outs only work on publishing sites? What gives, how to do



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Answer #1    Answered By: Nathanael Wong     Answered On: May 10

Have you checked the 'show subsites' checkbox on the site  Navigation Settings
pages of the subsites?

I did a post on this a while back and it shows the screen shots relating to
this:- mindsharpblogs.com/.../1750.aspx.

Answer #2    Answered By: Todd Hamilton     Answered On: May 10

Out of the Box Flyouts only work  on publishing  sites. You can do them
on non-publishing sites  but it requires more configuration.

Navigation menus in SharePoint are based on ASPMenu controls that are
bound to a SiteMapDataSource that is bound to a SiteMapProvider. By
default, non-publishing sites limit the Top menu to the Top level  Site
and one  level of child site. You can change the configuration of the
SiteMapDataSource and SiteMapProvider to modify that. Publishing site
Masterpages make those changes to the SiteMapDataSource. I don't have
my image handy so I don't remember which attributes need to be changed,
but that's where the changes need to be made.

Answer #3    Answered By: Edgar Castillo     Answered On: May 10

I do not have a "Site Nagigation Settings" link/drop-down/etc. on my top-level
site "Site Settings" page  even though I am a site-collection-administrator. I
believe this is close to the root cause of the problem of no "fly-outs".

What to try next?

Answer #4    Answered By: Jerrod Collier     Answered On: May 10

The Navigation Link only shows up in Site Settings if you have
Publishing Infrastructure Feature turned on at the Site Collection level
and Publishing Feature turned on at the Site Level.

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