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Fly-Outs -Again

  Asked By: Joseph    Date: Mar 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4745

My goal, simply, is to be able to populate the drop-down list associated with
a fly-out with any item ,object, URl, etc. that could appear in a QuickLaunch
display, and to control this for each sub-site (several levels deep) without
regard to inheritance or parent object settings.

My experiment today contradicts advice given from this group, no "publishing
site" was required.

I had a brand new, out-of-the-box, MS team template site put up. The first
thing I did was to activate *all* site collection features. Next, I built a 3
level deep sub-site structure based on team/collaberation templates. Lo &
behold, fly-outs were available on all sub-site structures via the "look &
feel" Navagation link. I had not seen this link previously on my team sites in
our company's PROD environment.


1) the fly-outs only picked up sub-sites, not DocLibs, plain WEB pages, lists,
2) the fly-outs were *not* availabe on the top-level site.

This was all thru the GUI, not SPD.

Comments or suggestions for next experiment please.



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Ernesto Dawson     Answered On: Mar 03

If you activated *all* site  collection features  than you activated the
Publishing Infrastructure Feature. That's what controls the presence or
absence of the Navigation link. If you had also used a publishing site
as the top level site then you would have been able to get fly-outs on
the Top link  Bar also. Sorry if the advice  wasn't clear enough. The
Publishing Infrastructure Feature implements changes to the underlying
SiteMapProvider and SiteMapDataSource objects used for the TopLinkBar
and QuickLaunch. The Navigation link gives you access to tweak those
programmatically. Using a Publishing Site for the Top level site of the
site collection  will use a different master page that makes these
changes available (with some editing) for the Top Link Bar as well as
the Quick Launch Bar.

Picking up pages  is also dependent on having a Publishing site since I'm
pretty sure when you turn on Pages in the Navigation link it only picks
up pages in the Pages document library and not from the root of the

If you want to experiment some more I suggest comparing the
default.master stored in the 12hive/template/global directory and one of
the publishing masters stored in the
12hive\template\features\publishinglayouts\masterpages. (Note: don't
open these in SharePoint Designer or you will break them. Use Notepad
or Visual Studio.) check out the two ASPMENU controls on each page and
the SiteMapDataSources that they map to. Then check the
SiteMapProviders that the SitemapDataSources are pointing at in the
Web.config of a Web Application on your site. You'll notice some
differences between how a regular page is configure (default.master) and
how a publishing page works (the other masters).

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