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  Asked By: Israel    Date: Apr 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1453

I have a question about configuring Sharepoint 2 and firewalls. I
plan to host my SQL server on a seperate box behind a firewall and my
Webserver (also running all the other functions, pretty much
everything except SQL) on my DMZ so it will be available over the

Does anybody know where I can out what changes I need to make to my
firewall to support this configuration? I've looked in the
Administrators Guide, but I haven't been able to find anything. I've
pretty much got this setup now, but my web server cannot communicate
with my SQL server. I have other web servers (that do not run SPS)
on my dmz talking with other SQL servers which work fine, so I
suspect that SPS must use some other port configuration.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Skyler Poole     Answered On: Apr 18

We scoped out the ports and found that you need to open two ports possibly

For SQLSever you need to open 1433 in addition to the web  ports 80 and 443.
Also if you use a SMTP servr that is outside of the DMZ that port  needs to
be opened for the SMTP traffic to correctly flow otherwise on the web server
you'll see things stuck in the queue, Sharepoint will not cough up a error
on that!!

What we also noticed in our netmon traces was that there where actually two
ports used between the SQLServer and the Web server  the second port is
dynamic and meant we had to set it in the web servers  registry to a
permanent value

In the registry it is at Microsoft SQL Server > Sharepoint > MSSQLServer >
SuperSocket > TCP > TcpDynamicPorts

We assigned this to a high port number

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