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Firewall problems

  Asked By: Pauline    Date: Nov 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2080

This week we installed a new server, did a reinstall from SPS v1 incl SP and a
of the workspaces. So far so good.

Because we are using firewall software now (Norton Internet security)we have a
problem when the firewall is enabled
When trying to access the workspace we receive a dashboard error (sse text

Does anyone know a solution?

Dashboard Error
An unexpected error occurred. An error occurred while accessing the dashboard.
This error may be caused by the proxy server settings for the dashboard. Contact
your server administrator. If you are a server administrator, configure the
proxy server settings by using the proxycfg utility. Consult the product
documentation and the readme for more information about configuring the proxy
server settings. Important: You must configure the proxy server settings for the
dashboard even if you are not using a proxy server.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Lane Trujillo     Answered On: Nov 15

Here's my take on the firewall  piece with Sharepoint. We use ISS's
Realsecure Desktop Protector on most of our desktops and servers. It's
a sweet little firewall that lets you specify packet filter rules as
well as implement IDS and Application monitoring. We also use Sygate
and Zone Labs' enterprise products internally. Note: we're resellers
and integrators of these three products, so take that into account when
reading this response.

For the most part, if you configure  your software  firewall to allow port
80 inbound, Sharepoint works fine. You should set your software to not
do outbound blocking -- this may very well be where you're getting the
problem. I don't know Norton's product very well, so I can't help you

The other things to be aware of with Sharepoint and personal firewalls
that I've encountered.

- Disable outbound blocking
- Desktop Protector has encountered a number of 'potential attacks'
and that's just the way Sharepoint works:
- HTTP_Translate_F_SourceRead
This signature triggers when a URL ends with a slash and the
GET request includes a "Translate: f" header.
- HTTP_IIS_Double_Eval_Evasion
This signature detects a URL request containing encoded
escaped sequences, such as "%25". Some of our filenames have
percent signs in them, so this makes sense.
- HTTP_POST_repeated_char
This signature detects HTTP POST data that contains a repeated
character. Also potentially common with Sharepoint
- HTTP_Lock_Method_DOS
This signature detects when a response code of 4xx ("file not
occurs following an HTTP request using the LOCK method.

So, for the above, I just set the agent on the sharepoint server  to
trust those events.

I highly recommend the use of a software firewall of some sort on
Sharepoint servers mainly because we cannot idly load IIS or Windows
service packs or updates on Sharepoint servers. It is my understanding
that Sharepoint is not part of Microsoft's regression testing when they
issue these updates, so any time you load an OS or IIS update on a
Sharepoint server you run the risk of damaging your installation.

However, since the vulnerabilities that exist in the OS and IIS could
also cripple your server, software like the personal firewall can help
prevent those attacks until you can get the updates loaded.

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