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Filtering issues on SQL Table nvarchar (255) column types

  Asked By: Tanya    Date: Nov 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2641

I've got a table I created in SQL Server. Its in a separate database
from the SharePoint databases. I'd like to use a dataview to display
a filtered subset of the table data in SharePoint. However, there
seems to be a problem when trying to filter on nvarchar(255) fields.

My only options for filtering on nvarchar(255) fields in both
FrontPage via Dataviews and also MS Access through a linked ODBC table
include NULL and NOT NULL. I don't get any of the standard comparison
options like begins with, equals, etc. that I would expect. (I also
tested with Excel and found the filters work properly there using new
database query.)

We tested this with my table I created as well as a standard
SharePoint database (just to see if I had created my table improperly)
and found the same result. All other field types seem to give the
proper filter options.

When I changed the field type from nvarchar(255) to nvarchar(254), my
filter options worked properly.

Can anyone validate my findings? Think it's a bug?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Percy Beach     Answered On: Nov 07

While I didn't test it on my system, it doesn't surprise me that
nvarchar(255) doesn't work but nvarchar(254) does. I've used
nvarchar(254) as a standard for years. Excel had a limit of 255
characters for years. It usually has something to do with character(s)
that delimit the end of the line.

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