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File Upload in SPS 2003

  Asked By: Eleanor    Date: Jan 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 835

I'm currently working on custom file upload functionality in SPS 2003.

In this feature the user can able to upload any number of files on a single
click in to the document library which he/she has access rights.

All the sharepoint services in the development environment are running under
one common user (say ABC), the file uploading application uses impersonation
option enabled and user name used was 'ABC' in order to get the full access to
sharepoint objects. Otherwise I can not use any of the sharepoint objects with
out impersonation.

The issue here I'm facing is who ever the uploads the file in to the
sharepoint document library it takes the user 'ABC' in 'Last Modified By and
Created By' fields in the file properties instead of the user who uploads the
document. For example, if X has uploaded some files in to the document library.
After uploading the files if he/she checks the file properties of Last Modified
By and Created By values which appeared at the bottom of the page showing the
impersonated user 'ABC' instead of 'X'.

Can any one help out in order to resolve this issue and update the respective
user who uploads the file in to document library instead of impersonate user.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Carey Everett     Answered On: Jan 03

Why not just use the built-in upload  multiple files feature?

Answer #2    Answered By: Anuj Lakhe     Answered On: Jan 03

...and FYI, there is no supported way to change the user property, it will
always display the user name for the context the upload  is done as.

Answer #3    Answered By: Lee Dickerson     Answered On: Jan 03

We have included some customs fields in to the page and also we are making the
some database updates during uploading files.

We are trying to implement multiple files upload  feature and so we have
included the customized page instead of standard built-in upload page. FYI,
there is a facility for built-in multiple files upload feature in SPS 2003 but
we are not able to update customs fields for each file.

Since sharepoint services are running on a common user, and in customized page
we are impersonating through that user in order to make use of all the
sharepoint objects. Because of impersonization we are not able to get the user
details who has currently logged in to the site instead we are getting the
impersonized user details.

Please help me out in order to update "Last Modified By and Created By" fields
of file  properties during uploading.

Answer #4    Answered By: Aditiya Kapale     Answered On: Jan 03

I would suggest writing an event handler for the library and then you can update
your custom fields.

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