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A few Q's

  Asked By: Aurelio    Date: Mar 11    Category: MOSS    Views: 815

I'm implementing a number of MOSS 2007 Project and Team sites in our offices
around the country and here are a few things that came up on a recent visit to
one of my offices in the Northwest. I am hoping that I could get some info from
you all or help point me in the right direction. I head out to NY for a site
visit at the end of the month and I know these issues will come up.

* Anyone else out there experience issues with the "Send To | Email a link..."
option? The link gets emailed and is available to the user, but it doesn't
actually pull up the site when the user clicks on it from their Outlook client.
Simply nothing happens when the link is clicked. I have asked our
infrastructure group to look in to the issue but I've yet to hear back from
* Anyone see issues when trying to open PDF files from within MOSS when in the
Windows Explorer view? I get an error message from Adobe saying that it has a
problem opening the file, upon trying multiple different items.
* Anyway to disable the New File button in a Doc Lib? The settings of the Doc
Lib require that there is something selected there. I am able to disallow a New
Folder item very easily.
* Anyone figure out how to create a View based on a file type? In other
words, we have Document Libraries that have PDF and Word copies of the same file
and one group only wants certain users to see the PDF version of the files. I
didn't see an option to create a View based on the Type field, however all the
other fields were there.

Here are some starters.... I do have a list of some others that I need to look
through and research myself before bringing it to this board.