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FBA Access denied issues

  Asked By: Arielle    Date: Nov 15    Category: MOSS    Views: 2300

I have played with FBA at a ton of clients and run into this issue with
various causes. Here it is....you have the standard SQL Auth DB setup, FBA
enabled, you have made your web config mods and have access setup for your
users. You set up one of your FBA users (say "FBAMembers:Admin") as a secondary
site admin, then go in with that user. No issues so far. Now you set up other
users as members, viewers, etc and let 'em loose. They can all log in and get
"Access Denied". So they are being sucessfully authenticated, but for whatever
reason MOSS is attempting to access a resource they do not have access to.
These end up being a PITA to debug. So what i was hoping is, some of the
other folks out there have run into this issue and debugged it. I wanted to see
if we could get a consensus on common causes for this. One cause I have found
has been the "Style Resource Readers" MOSS group. It has NT Authority/All Users,
as a member and has restricted read rights to the styles library and read rights
to the master pages library. Generally, i will create an ALL USERS role for my
FBA users and push it into the style resource readers.
I will tell you with all the FBA installations I have done, sooner or later
everyone runs into this issue with FBA. MS support at best is a joke around FBA
the last time I called them, their support first wanted to go into the content
DB to look for the user accounts, then he suggested giving ALL FBA users Full
access in the central admin --> policies for the FBA zone. Since doing that
removed the access denied error, he considered that a fix, despite the fact it
obliterated any sense of security. The reason I bring that up, if we can
collaborate on this issue, and maybe build a good list here, that would
certainly be something worth the effort for all of us. So....anyone else
have any good causes/fixes for issues in FBA for this?



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