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FAQ web part

  Asked By: Amolika    Date: Sep 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3091

Has anyone created or made use of existing built-in web parts in order to
create a FAQ browser/search/add tool? The goal is for people to be able to
browse FAQ's, manage a FAQ database easily, add new FAQ items with minimal
administrative overhead and [optionally] utilize document workflow a la SPPS
approval processes.

I'm thinking a basic FAQ could be a word doc, an html document, a pdf, etc.
with the following attributes on a profile

- Title / question
example: "How do I pick my nose securely?"

- Author
example: "Rose E. Chiques"

- Abstract (quick answer)
"Make sure no-one's looking, then obtain
an unused tissue, wrap finger, then go to town"

- Category
example: FAQ:Common Sense:Hygiene

- Keywords
example: pick nose; digging for treasure

The document itself would contain the much more detailed components and long
answer of the faq, and since you could use any document type, you could
utilize the features of that media to enhance the faq (ie, pictures,
multimedia, outlines, etc). These FAQ's might be technical in nature, like
the ones on www.ntfaq.com or company specific, like policies, sysadmin
procedures, etc.

I guess one could just create a folder to hold the documents, a new profile
to contain the above (but it's the same as Base Document so far :) and a
quick-links type of web part to just display them and a link to a template
for new ones. A more enhanced profile could contain things like a
hierarchical categorization schema like System, Component, Item, Module with
pre-defined dropdowns (and these dropdowns would be something you could
browse by in the webpart like categories)

It just seems like so many people need this type of knowledge storage that
I'm missing something simple and there's an easier [and more structured] way
to do it without 3rd party tools.

Obviously the searching part is handled by the built-in SPS indexer and
search engine, and using enhanced folders would provide for revision and
approval control.

You would make Subject Matter Experts and the Style Police the approvers of
certain folders so that the items that showed up would be 1) formatted
correctly 2) authorized and 3) accurate.

There's so much in SPS that does everything I need that I can't figure out
how to get what I need.



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