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Facebook like Sharepoint App

  Asked By: Stephanie    Date: Feb 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2591

Is there any Facebook like Sharepoint app available? Something for
enterprise / internal use only featuring

- Facebook Home like Timeline
- Ability to share Videos and Images; either uploaded on Sharepoint
Document Libraries or on Internet sites like YouTube / Flickr
- Status Updates
- Comments on shared stuff / status updates

I am not talking about Facebook integration with Sharepoint...I basically
need Facebook like app for Enterprise / Internal use and preferably based on
Sharepoint Platform or ASP.NET / Microsoft Stack that can be surfaced into



7 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Daniella Landry     Answered On: Feb 05

have you check mysite on sharepoint  2010 ?

Answer #2    Answered By: Bo Stafford     Answered On: Feb 05

Or better yet, mysites on SharePoint 2010 w Office 2010 and personalization

Answer #3    Answered By: Jocelyn Shelton     Answered On: Feb 05

You could probably use SP blogs, and pull in latest posts to a "home page
like" web part. I can't figure exactly why a business would want to do this
though. Seems like many businesses/organizations would rather you stay off the
social networking sites. If they did want to do it, why not just create a FB
page for the organization? It's pretty easy to do that.

Answer #4    Answered By: Joey Soto     Answered On: Feb 05

I admit that, not that long ago, I would have instinctually asked the very
same question. Through one of our SP user group meetings in Tallahassee (our new
site: http://www.tallahasseespeed.com/) I realized that one could run a very
lucrative site hosting company through the use of SP. Consider most requests
from users: blog sites, social networking, simple HTML-style hosting, image
libraries, wikis etc. How easily could you run a company like that with
literally one person? SharePoint has applications that cover a lot of needs, not
just enterprise  business requirements. There are more than a few reasons (and
ways) to consider the use of Sharepoint as a Facebook-esque site host.

Answer #5    Answered By: Gerard Randall     Answered On: Feb 05

I hadn't thought of that! Very good point! And maybe I'll spend some time
looking into that as well.

Answer #6    Answered By: Audra Mccormick     Answered On: Feb 05

Beyond that, though, there is sometimes a legitimate need for in-house
social networking functionality, and most companies do not want any of their
corporate innards displayed on Facebook.

Answer #7    Answered By: Christina Lewis     Answered On: Feb 05

I havnt yet checked Sharepoint 2010. I guess it will take some time to
penetrate; due to its newer OS and hardware requiremen (64bit only I guess).

I was first reacted the same that why one would ask for such
functionality...but I have realized after couple of discussion that its
natural next thing in enterprise  intranets. Similar to how general people
have rushed towards social networking; social computing capability on
enterprise intranets will become major attraction for employees to use
intranet and keep in touch with them. Employee will work bit harder to just
show off their contributions to appear more often on facebook like timeline
if such thing exists on the main page of their intranet.

I havnt yet checked Sharepoint 2010. I guess it will take some time to
penetrate; due to its newer OS and hardware requiremen (64bit only I guess),
thats why I am looking for SP2007 based  solution if any such thing exists.
If not; then I guess it might be an interesting opportunity :)

Facebook like timeline webpart showing contents I guess is not that hard;
but implementing ajax powerd things like sharing links (with auto previews
of images  on that page), sharing vidoes (with auto thumbnail) will be
interesting implementation.

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