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  Asked By: Benjamin    Date: Mar 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 945

I need to have an intelligent discussion with someone who has been down
this road before and actually created a solution.

I have a good friend who needs to create a SharePoint extranet so that
he can provide access to his clients and they can share project
documents, control check in / check out, maintain revision history etc.
I searched the archives on this list and found the Microsoft External
Collaboration Toolkit but it seems to have a lot of restrictions such as
requiring an AD server etc. They don't want this server to have any
contact with their current network at all ... even DMZ with LDAP isn't a
desired deployment scenario. They would like to have the server isolated
on its own public IP address on its own private lan and if they need to
get to it, they will go through the public IP addy.

Anyways ... if anyone would be willing to take 30 minutes out of their
day and talk to me about this, I will be eternally greatful.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Cheyenne Jacobson     Answered On: Mar 08

I have diligently been working with the External Collaboration Toolkit
for SharePoint with FBA and client integration which microsoft  states is
not a supported configuration due to the cookie timeout issue. However,
I have been working with the developer for the ECTS and working late
tonight on a feasible solution  rather than a workaround.

I would be happy to talk  to you about this solution and doesn't
necessarily require AD. However, you would have to ensure that the ADAM
(Active Directory Application Mode) server  has firewall rules that allow
access to the CA server because the ADAM server requires LDAPS port 636
or whichever port you choose for LDAPS traffic to travel between ADAM
and the Extranet server where ECTS resides. The ECTS (Extranet) server
will require access  to the certificate specifically it's local network
server read/read&write to the certificate stored in c:\documents and
settings\all users\application data\microsoft\crypto\rsa\machinekeys
folder. If you should need a step by step guide there is the Deployment
and Operations Guide for ECTS out there on the Microsoft Downloads site
to review. I would suggest starting there and you can use my email
address hgravatt@... for any guidance.

Answer #2    Answered By: Makayla Lewis     Answered On: Mar 08

What specifics do you want to discuss? I am all ears..

Answer #3    Answered By: Miranda Scott     Answered On: Mar 08

I have been down this road.
We used fba (forms based authentication) and I think you can find one
on codeplex that works well. For security you need an ISA server,a
nat from the firewall to the ISA server, and a certificate to publish
the sites. What you are describing is not that hard.
I am presently toying around with a subdomain and AD authentication
thru ISA as FBA does have it limits. (administration, an extra prompt
when opening docs and not ssl)

Answer #4    Answered By: Deirdre Macias     Answered On: Mar 08

Check this link out. I've worked through the example and it worked. In
my dev environment.



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