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extranet implementation

  Asked By: Garret    Date: Sep 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1419

I was wondering if anyone has the same experience as ours in
implementing an extranet for an already-established fully-working
intranet (SharePoint Portal) and most importantly how to correct the
behaviour we're experiencing.

We are currently implementing an extranet for our intranet (SPS +
WSS sites) based on a white paper from Microsoft using ISA. Our
configuration is as follows (example names only for this purpose)
with partial success:

intranet URL = intranet.companyname.com
SPS portal server box = server1.companyname.com
extranet URL = extranet.companyname.com

The issues that we currently facing is that not all URLs in the
intranet are translated correctly to extranet URLs. Most portal URLs
are correct except search results. For WSS sites (of the portal) on
the other hand - most URLs are not correct, and because of this, the
internal server name is exposed. For example,
http://intranet.companyname.com/sites/site1 is translated correctly
in the extranet as https://extranet.companyname.com/sites/site1 but
URLs from web parts such as events
px) are coming out in the extranet as
.aspx which of course result in "Cannot find server or DNS" error
from an external browser when clicking on those links.

All links in the Quick Launch bar and the top horizontal navigation
bar of WSS sites are correct but the links of/from the web parts are
coming out with internal server name.

What could be the cause(s) of this behaviour?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Brooks Bond     Answered On: Sep 10

Are the links  that you’re having trouble with URL fields that the users have entered? My experience  is that the best way to deal with a web  site that you’re going to expose externally is to use split-DNS where the internal  users see the external  address on the IP address which is correct  for accessing it on the inside. That way when they enter links they enter them to the same name as external users can use.

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