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  Asked By: Samir    Date: Apr 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 898

Does anybody know if Version 2 can be setup via Extranet? Or is it for
Intranet only? If it's possible, where can I get the procedures on how
to do this?



6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Rahul Sharma     Answered On: Apr 19

Have you seen this in the Admin .chm?

Installing and Configuring Windows SharePoint Services for an Intranet
and Extranet

Answer #2    Answered By: Jagjit Phutane     Answered On: Apr 19

Where can I get this chm file??????

Answer #3    Answered By: Janak Jadeja     Answered On: Apr 19

Well I found the chm file but that was no help. This is what shows up
when you click on that section:

Deploying SharePoint Portal Server on the Extranet

This is a preliminary document. Additional information about this
feature will be provided prior to final commercial release.

Is there anything else out there or anybody knows how to set up version
2.0 via Extranet?

Answer #4    Answered By: Jude Alston     Answered On: Apr 19

I saw that one also. Using the admin chm, do a find using internet and
you will find content under a section called

Installing and Configuring Windows SharePoint Services for an Intranet
and Extranet. I found a few refs in the chm file and started reading
about it so I know there is something there.

Answer #5    Answered By: Araceli Eaton     Answered On: Apr 19

Now that I'm able to get the site to be extranet. I'm having problems
with the document library.

Originally when the portal was first setup, I used the NetBIOS name of
the server (intranet) and everything worked great.

Then by using the "Configure Alternate Portal Access Settings", I setup
an FQDN for the site. I have no problem navigating to the document and
editing it. But when I try to save the document using the Edit in
Microsoft Word, it prompts me for a username and password and I notice
that it's using the NetBIOS name and not the FQDN that I have assigned.
Does anybody know why this is happening or how I can correct this?

I also get this same problem now when I access the site via the NetBIOS
name too. It seems like its getting confused between the NetBIOS name
and the FQDN.

One more thing, when selecting "Edit in Microsoft Word" it prompts for a
username and password. Is this the normal process that it prompts you
again since you are already logged in?

Answer #6    Answered By: Nisarg Kapadia     Answered On: Apr 19

The prompting process is normal. IE cannot pass credential to Word or
any other application. Even we V2, when you launch an application you
will have to re-enter credentials in an extranet  environment.

As far as Extranet configuration, I am not sure that Extranet is
supported in V2.

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