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External Storage of Dokuments from the SPS Workspace but Direct

  Asked By: Jackson    Date: Apr 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1292

we are planning a real big SPS project.
Has anyone included a CAS (Content Addressed Storage) system in a SPS
project ?
The idea behind:

1. Check-in Dokument of fixed content (not intendet to change)
2. Indexing the Document
3. A background prozess finds new checked-in doc's after the are fullinexed
and send this doc to the CAS system which will store the original doc-file
in a Reduntant Array of Independent Nodes (very low Storage Costs per MB)
and replace the original doc-file with a very little file (with the same
name of the original doc-file) that only stores the 128-Bit Key which is
the accesskey to retreve the original doc from the CAS system.

This will help to reduce the amount of data holding the webstore database
and will extreamly push performance when the count of doc's raises (make
really sense if more than about 1 Million doc's) and will increase
security on very low cost.
(About 10 Cent per effective MegaByte (1 effective MB needs 2 MB strorage
(Mirroring) when about 1 Terrabyte effective Storagevolume is needed )

Discussion very apprecated, because we think about to build web services
under .NET Technologie which integrates a EMC² CAS Storage via XML into an
easy accessable webpart.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tori Oconnor     Answered On: Apr 24

I have not tried any CAS solutions, but at MEC I know there was a Exchange/SPS
solution vendor that had this as a product.