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External Links in Portal Site Map Home

  Asked By: Kelsey    Date: Jan 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1514

Question: Is it possible to have external links that
appear in the Home directory of the Portal Site Map?
If so, how do I add these?

Background: Our current intranet (non-SharePoint) has
been growing for the last five years. It has a top
main navigation bar similar to what Share Point Portal
Services offers. Rather than spend several weeks
migrating all our current content to SharePoint, and
maintaining/updating content in two places during that
time, we want to migrate one section at a time

Example: Our current intranet's top navigation bar has
Home, General Info, Human Resources, Departments, etc.
If I migrated all the Human Resources information to
SharePoint, I could easily add a link to the top
navigation of our current intranet to point to this
SharePoint site. However, I would want the top
navigation on the Human Resources SharePoint site to
point back to our current intranet for Home, General
Info, Departments, etc...

Apologies: I had posted this a couple days ago, but it
never published. If it does publish later, I apologize
in advance for the repeat. :o)

I would also welcome any other ideas that others may
have for a seamless migration.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alton Vance     Answered On: Jan 03

Is this SPS or WSS? If it's SPS, the top navigation  shows the defined top  level
areas. A quick and dirty solution for linking back  to your existing intranet  is
to create all the Areas to get the navigation, and in the page for each area
that needs to point  back (call this a placeholder if you will), insert a Content
Editor web part. In that content  editor, add  this - replacing "the_old_url"
with the full url to the old site  location:

<script language="javascript">
//redirect to the old site
Click <a href="the_old_url">here</a> if you are not automatically redirected.

When you are ready to migrate, just delete the placeholder Area and create the
migrated one in it's place.

Answer #2    Answered By: Sydney Lewis     Answered On: Jan 03

Thank you! I'm still really, really, new to SPS, but
this worked (with a minor modfication). I also had to
use FrontPage to delete the section  after my test, but
it does work. :o)

I plan to create an area called "HumanResources2" with
a display name of "HumanResources". HumanResources2
will have the redirect in it. I'll create another area
called "HumanResources" but a display name of
"HumanResources1" and have it hidden while we are
developing it. When I'm ready to make that particular
are live, I'll just delete the one with the redirect
and rename the display name of the one I've been

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