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External File Storage for SharePoint WSS 2003

  Asked By: Judith    Date: Apr 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1895

My company used to have SharePoint 2001 with all data files stored on
the filesystem. However, when we upgraded to SharePoint 2003, we
discovered that all the files are stored inside the SQL database! Is
there any way to have the files stored on the filesystem instead?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Bhavi Chauhan     Answered On: Apr 08

Sharepoint 2001 still stored everything in a database. Nothing was
stored on the filesystem. In sharepoint  2001, the database was called
(ironically) WSS - Web storage  System, or aka EFS (Extensible File
System I think?). Anyway, the web storage system was the same thing
that Exchange used to store information. This has nothing to do with
Windows Sharepoint services (WSS)

To put it simply, Sharepoint 2001 stores stuff in Exchange and
Sharepoint 2003 stores stuff in SQL.

I can only assume you looked at the "M:" drive in sharepoint 2001 and
assumed it was stored on the filesystem. This is a dangerous assumption
and you can really screw up your data if you treat it as a filesystem,
or virus scan it, or even tiptoe by it noisily.

For SPS 2001, there are essentially two storage files that comprise the
exchange-based storage system - the .edb file  and the .stm file. These
are located in program files / sharepoint portal server / data / web
storage system. If you look there, you'll also see the other remnant of
exchange - the transaction logs. These are the E--------.log files in
there that are 5MB in size and are being written to constantly.

So enough history - what are you trying to do? Since you couldn't
technically access either sharepoint 2001 or 2003 files via the actual
native filesystem, are you trying to map drives or what? Sharepoint
2001 files are accessed via Network Places (ie,
http://server/workspace/Documents/) and Sharepoint 2003 files can be
accessed the same way, plus via UNC \\server\site\doclib\file
<file:///\\server\site\doclib\file> and via mapped drives (mapping to
the same UNC or web folder)

Give us an idea of what you really want to do, and we can probably help

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