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External email notifications not working

  Asked By: Jeana    Date: Oct 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3668

I am currently having problems with the notification that is being sent
out when you add a new user to a site. If the user in question is from
our home domain and local exchange setup the notifications go through
without problem. However, if the user is from one of our business
partners where the account is homed in a trusted domain and different
exchange servers the email notification is never sent. I receive the
standard "The user or users have been added successfully, but there was
an error in sending the e-mail message. The server may not be set up
correctly to send e-mail. To verify that e-mail is configured
correctly, contact your server administrator."



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Clayton Berry     Answered On: Oct 23

My guess is that the outgoing mail server  can't relay the SMTP messages. Check
with your network folks.Can you send  mail from your exchange  to their exchange
using outlook?

Answer #2    Answered By: Larry Gonzales     Answered On: Oct 23

You will be able to send  outside using Outlook as thats not relaying - you wont
be able to send externally unless you are set  up as an open relay as thats to do
with the SMTP virtual server  rather than exchange  itself - if you set yourself
up as an open relay, even on an internal server, limit the ip addresses of
servers that can connect to stop yourself being a spam centre - you shouldn't
relay off an internet facing server unless you can limit connections by ip
address (i..e all incoming mail comes in from a smart host rather than directly)

Answer #3    Answered By: Lamont Tran     Answered On: Oct 23

My guess here is that you have your SP server  and your exchange  server
on two separate boxes, however, you have not granted relay restrictions
to the IP address of you SP server. Go to your Exchange server into
properties of
Servers/servername/protocols/SMTP/DefaultSMTPVirtualServer. After
clicking on properties of DefaultSMTPVirtualServer, go to the Access tab
and select Relay Restrictions. Ensure Only the list below is checked
and add  the IP address of your SP server. Click OK. Restart Default
SMTP Virtual Server.

Try and reproduce the problem.

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