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Extend Web app to authenticated external users - site collection

  Asked By: Benjamin    Date: Aug 28    Category: MOSS    Views: 2055

We are extending our port 80 to external users. We would like to only
give access to a site collection and not the root site collection.
i.e. extend access to "http://moss/sites/IT" only and not
"http://moss". Is this possible with extending port 80 to port 8080,
for example?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lazaro Rutledge     Answered On: Aug 28

Sharepoint extends at the level of a web  Application, so its not possible to
extend just a single site  Collection. However, security is done at the site
collection level. So if you are extending  the web application on port  8080 and
only provide external  users with access  to http://moss/sites/IT then they won't
be able to access other site collections even though they exist.

Answer #2    Answered By: Karin Kerr     Answered On: Aug 28

There isn't a way to do this in SharePoint beyond using different
permission sets. Typically this sort of configuration is instead done
through firewall rules using something like ISA Server to allow/reject
specific URL segments.