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Export to Excel link

  Asked By: Gobinda    Date: Dec 08    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 3067

I'm hoping one of you gurus can help me come up with a "no managed code"
solution to this situation.

I have a webpart page that I created using EasyTabs to show two views of
the same data: mileage to be paid; and mileage already paid.

http://pastie.org/1524781 <http://pastie.org/1524781>
Line 11 seems to be the trouble: I can't save the file locally, nor in
the SharePoint doc lib.

And I can't figure out a way to open Excel with the XML in memory, so
that the user can decide to print or save or view-and-discard.

Thanks for looking and for sharing your insights.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Satish Mourya     Answered On: Dec 08

I can't get at your pastie.org site from work (blocked as suspicious) so I
wanted a little more info:

What tool are you using to build this functionality?
How many users are we talking?

There are lots of options...

Answer #2    Answered By: Darci Knowles     Answered On: Dec 08

The tool I'm using is Javascript/jQuery to pull the data I want via SPServices.

Here's the basic premise:
1. Create an Excel spreadsheet with all of the formatting you want
2. Save it as XML
3. Massage that XML into an XSL which will transform the results of the
SPServices call into the format of the saved XML
4. Open the newly-created XML in Excel

The problem seems to be with Javascript not being able to save the resulting XML
locally (or to a SharePoint Doc Lib, for that matter).

Here's the original post (and a comment from me) that I'm working from:

Thanks for taking a look.

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