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Export to Excel of Dataview will only export ID Column

  Asked By: Stephen    Date: Aug 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 6817

We have created a DataView in Sharepoint Designer 2007 based on an existing list. When we view the list on the site all is fine but when we try to export to Excel (via the option on the Actions menu) we run into problems.

We have embedded the DataView in the .aspx page for an existing view (replacing the generated list). When we attempt to export to a spreadsheet it only exports the ID column, nothing else, and puts up a message box about Read-Only or Hidden columns that require data but have no defaults.

As a test we tried creating the dataview from scratch in a new .aspx file. When we try to export that we get no data at all and an error box about an unexpected error and no data could be saved.

The list contains some calculated fields, multi-line fields (one of which has "Append text to existing entries" set to yes so it is versioned) &c so we tried a DataView with just a few very basic fields (single line text, numeric and a date) but still get the 'Unexpected error' message.

I've tried some Google searches but cannot find anything that looks like a solutions.

Regular views (created via the Create View dialogue in Sharepoint) seem to export fine.

Anyone seen anything similar and know how to resolve/work-around?

We're restricted to WSS 3.0 and no 3rd party add-ons, no MOSS. Hand editing in code view in Sharepoint Designer is possible but frowned upon,

We're having to go the DataView route as the user wants to be able to view all the contents of the "Append text to existing entries" field (used for an Audit Trail), the regular view only shows the latest entry. We found a page about how to achieve this:


We also repeated this with a different (much simpler) list on a different subsite and got the same results. We conclude therefore that it's unlikely to be something specific to that list.





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Answer #1    Answered By: Roxority Sharepoint web parts     Answered On: Aug 20

Too bad 3rd-party is not an option for you. Our tool ExportZen would have you sorted and good to go in no time. Especially since the out-of-box "export" action does not actually create an exported data file, just an "Excel data link file" of sorts that lets Excel connect to the SharePoint list when opened, rather than presenting a full copy (real export) of your data...

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