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Explain Sharepoint to a Non-Techie

  Asked By: Deepak    Date: Dec 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 21775

I've been Googling "Sharepoint" and looking at Microsift's pages, but
they all seem to assume you know about Sharepoint and are looking for
some technical info.

I want to explain Sharepoint from a business case point of view.

Examples/case studies would be good.

We run an all windows IT environment, with IIS Web sites and
Intranets, as well as MS-Exchange 2000 (planning an upgrade to 2003)

Things I think would be a good fit:

1. Enhancing the info on our IntraNet. Our current Intranet has
forms, policies, contacts info, etc. How can Sharepoint add value
here? Examples?

2. Project Management - We have several project teams running
projects and I think Sharepoint might be a way to post / Share
project status, backup documents, calandar info, etc. Is that right?
How would that work? (non technical explaination, please)

3. Customer Service or CRM type information. I'm thinking of an area
where Sales / Pricing people can post and share quote information,
customer requirements, etc. How would that work?

I need to give non-technical management a set of specific examples
(the more the better) where adding Sharepoint would help with
information sharing and collaboration in-house.

No doubt I will have a million other questions...
Can sharepoint be used with an "Extranet" allowing customer access to
secure information?
What are the system requirements?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Arron Middleton     Answered On: Dec 18

ImplSPS2k3-BD.doc is a document target towards Business Decision maker.
Hope this helps.

Also, you can point  out that the following companies are using SharePoint
Portal Server:
list goes on and on

and according to Microsoft they sold 75 million licenses of the SharePoint
Portal Server.

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