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For the experts : SQL Server error - The SQL Server might not be st

  Asked By: Tim    Date: Oct 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2007

Expert needed. I have a weird and urgent problem.

I change in a WebPart a property of a set of 20 documents at one time
and RANDOMLY some of them give an error " SQL Server error - The SQL
Server might not be started"

I have the following situation.
I have made a (simple) workflow solution.
1. a list of documents with extra properties
(next to some lookup and currencies fields)
* Status (initial, in progress, archive, ..)
* AuditLog
2. I created a custom form in which users can only change the
status property.
3. I have an event handler that reacts on change of status.
It adds a line to the auditlog field:
"<doc name> from <from status> to <to status> by <user> on <time

When the user handles the documents one by one everything is OK.

I also made a webpart that can set the status from X to Y of a selected
set of 20 documents with one mouse click. In the onClick event it loops
through the document ID's and foreach document it does an update of the
Of course when 20 document status are updated 20 instances of the event
handler will set in 20 Autitlog properties the from-to-by line.
In my development environment everything goes smoothly (tested with up
500 (instead of the 20) documents in a batch).

In the production environment both the webpart (that sets the status of
max 20 documents) AND the event handler SOMETIMES gives the error: SQL
Server error - The SQL Server might not be started. (Note: the SQL
server is running fine)
If I add debug info in the webpart that sets the status of max 20
documents I see that of the 20 documents RANDOM sometimes 1, 2, 3 or 4
document updates have failed. The others updates were successful. If 2
failed and I use the WebPart immediately again with 18 other documents
(to get 20 again) again some (1 to 4) of them fail but again random. So
the failures of the first run are now processed successfully.

ALSO the event handler gives similar random problems. Of the 18 (out of
20) again some (1,2,3) fail with also the message "SQL Server error -
The SQL Server might not be started".

I changed the event handler to try the update up to 3 times in case of
errors. This workaround gives some improvement. In the logging you see
that most of the failures succeed in the second or third attempt.
Since the update DOES work a second or third attempt I conclude that it
is not a data-related problem. (also when I process 20 documents with
equal data values and document the problem occurs)

Anybody with bright ideas?



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