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Experiences with moving one domain to another

  Asked By: Taylor    Date: Jan 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1912

We just finished a migration from one domain to another domain, so I would like
to let you know some experiences.

The migration method was the follows :

1. exporting subscriptions with an own tool
2. export rights list with an own tool
3. changing the domain
4. import rights list with an own tool
5. import subscriptions with an own tool

There was no problem until step 4. When we checked the folder rights in the new
domain, we found that all rights, which pointed to the old domain were removed
from the ACL ! There was no any SID-s or any sign about the previous domain, the
ACL was completely clear. If we checked the local groups in the Computer
Management, we found the SID's of the old domain's groups.
So I have to write a script - based on Michael Linster's excellent working
script - which completely refill the ACL. with the correct roles.
After that we did not experience any problem.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kristian Chaney     Answered On: Jan 16

I did not experienced any problem  after the migration. The only thing that I
needed to change was the default authentication domain  in the IIS.

In the attachment you will find an old mail from Michael Linster, who wrote a
script to manage the user roles  ; and there are two scripts which used to export
and import  the subscriptions.

(I needed to take these steps). Please feel free to contact me/us with any

export :

' Option Explicit
' on error resume next

const adModeRead = 1
Const adModeReadWrite = 3
Const adFailIfNotExists = -1
Const adCreateNonCollection = 0

dim nsp
dim insp
dim pg
dim txtAnimalID
dim cboKeepers
Dim konnektion
Dim rst
Dim strSQL
Dim urlqueryfld,url,osub,ofs,c,l,of,strname,v,emil,name,surl,okada,desck

urlqueryfld="http://nissps.nis.westel900.hu/oper" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://nissps.nis.westel900.hu/oper"
Set konnektion = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

konnektion.Provider = "MSDAIPP.DSO"
konnektion.Open urlQueryFld

Set oSub = CreateObject("CDO.KnowledgeDocument")

strsql="SELECT * "
'strsql=strsql & AddQuotes("urn:attributes:SubscriptionOwner")
AddQuotes("http://nissps.nis.westel900.hu/oper" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://nissps.nis.westel900.hu/oper/system/subscriptions") & "')"'
WHERE " & AddQuotes("urn:attributes:SubscriptionOwner") & " = 'NIS\deakt'"
'wscript.echo strsql
Set rst = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rst.Open strSQL, konnektion
if not rst.eof then
while not rst.EOF
'wscript.echo url
oSub.DataSource.Open url, , adModeReadWrite
desck=Replace(desck," ","_")
wscript.echo surl & "," & desck & "," & name & "," & emil
Set rst = Nothing
wscript.echo "kib. ms gyik van"
end if
Set konnektion = Nothing

Public Function AddQuotes(strValue)
Const QUOTE = """"
AddQuotes = QUOTE & Replace(strValue, QUOTE, QUOTE & QUOTE) & QUOTE
End Function

import :

option explicit
on error resume next

Const ACTION_ALL = &HFFFF ' Recommended value for all subscription

Dim oSubMgr
Dim strWorkspace,url,emil,juzer,substitl,content
Dim strSubscriptionUrl,objfile,objfilesystem,sor,okada

strWorkspace = "oper"

set oKaDa = CreateObject("CDO.KnowledgeDocument")
oKaDa.DataSource.Open "http://nissps/oper/Documents/Test_here", ,

Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFile = objFileSystem.OpenTextFile("exp.txt", 1)

do while objfile.atendofstream<>True
Set oSubMgr = CreateObject("PKM.SubscriptionManager")
content = objFile.ReadLine
juzer="NIS\" & sor(3)
wscript.echo juzer & " " & substitl & " " & url & " " & emil

strSubscriptionUrl = oSubMgr.CreateSubscription(strWorkspace, url, 3,
1,emil,substitl, ACTION_ALL, "", "http://nissps.nis.westel900.hu",32767 , juzer
Set oResMgr= oSubMgr.GetResultManager(strWorkspace)

if len(strsubscriptionurl)<1 then
wscript.echo "Sikertelen"
end if
wscript.echo strsubscriptionurl
set oSubMgr=nothing

Answer #2    Answered By: Alicia Scott     Answered On: Jan 16

here is the script
' FolderPermssions.vbs
' Various folder  functions and subs
' replaces ShowFolderPermissions.vbs
' ShowFolderPermissions
' ShowFolderPermissionsAll
' CopyFolderPermissions
' Andy Ball 18/12/2001
' Updated 2/20/03 by Michael Linster. I had found  some problems
with script  as it was and have updated it to function correctly.

Option Explicit

Const adModeReadWrite = 3

Dim oArgs ' for arguements passed in
Dim WshShell
Dim arrPermissions

Dim SourceFolderPath
Dim DestFolderPath

Dim Counter
dim oCode

' get the args
Set WshShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
set oArgs=Wscript.Arguments

' Call the relevant

' ie this is an error
If oArgs.Count < 1 Then
WScript.Echo "Usage : CSCRIPT ShowFolderPermission.vbs <sourcefolderpath>
WScript.Echo "Usage : CSCRIPT ShowFolderPermission.vbs
Elseif oArgs.Count > 1 then
DestFolderPath = oArgs.Item(1)
SourceFolderPath = oArgs.Item(0)
oCode = "1"
SourceFolderPath = oArgs.Item(0)
oCode = "2"
End If

' copy perms and show
if oCode = "1" then
CopyFolderPermissions SourceFolderPath, DestFolderPath
ShowFolderPermissionsAll SourceFolderPath
end if

' Sub ShowFolderPermission
' Shows permissions on the relevant folder
Sub ShowFolderPermissions (FolderPath, Permission)
Dim arPermissions ' Array to store current permissions
Dim oFolder ' folder object
Dim User ' item used in FOR EACH in array
Dim ArrayItemCount

' Create object
set oFolder = CreateObject("CDO.KnowledgeFolder")

' Open the folder
oFolder.DataSource.Open FolderPath

' Return the relevant array depending on the type of user
Select Case UCASE(Permission)
Case "READER" arPermissions = oFolder.Readers
Case "COORDINATOR" arPermissions = oFolder.CoOrdinators
Case "AUTHOR" arPermissions = oFolder.Authors
' trap dodgy permission. Would be cool if could retrive valid permissions
as this is likely to change between versions
Case Else WScript.Echo Permission & " is not valid. Should be
READER, AUTHOR or Coordinator"
Exit Sub
End Select

' Get the number of items in the array
ArrayItemCount = UBound(arPermissions) + 1

' ie if no (say) readers print message
if ArrayItemCount = 0 Then
WScript.Echo "No " & Permission & " Permissions on " & FolderPath
' Otherwise roll through printing permissions
Wscript.Echo Permission & "S of " & FolderPath
For Each User in arPermissions
Wscript.Echo vbTAB & User
End If
set oFolder = Nothing
End Sub

' Show all permissions
' Procedure ShowFolderPermissionsAll
Sub ShowFolderPermissionsAll(FolderPath)
ShowFolderPermissions FolderPath, "READER"
ShowFolderPermissions FolderPath, "AUTHOR"
ShowFolderPermissions FolderPath, "COORDINATOR"
End Sub

' CopyFolderPermissions - Copy Folder Permissions from one folder
to another.
Sub CopyFolderPermissions (SourceFolderPath, DestFolderPath)
Dim arPermissions ' Array to store current permissions
Dim oSourceFolder ' folder object
Dim oDestFolder

Dim User ' item used in FOR EACH in array
Dim ArrayItemCount

' Create objects - one for source , one for dest
set oSourceFolder = CreateObject("CDO.KnowledgeFolder")
set oDestFolder = CreateObject("CDO.KnowledgeFolder")

' Open the folder, note need to open dest in read write  mode.
oSourceFolder.DataSource.Open SourceFolderPath
oDestFolder.DataSource.Open DestFolderPath , , adModeReadWrite

' copy over the 3 permissions
oDestFolder.Readers = oSourceFolder.Readers
oDestFolder.Authors = oSourceFolder.Authors
oDestFolder.CoOrdinators = oSourceFolder.Coordinators

' then save
End Sub <!-------------------------------------------------------->

Answer #3    Answered By: Mike Lamb     Answered On: Jan 16

we have to move our sps-server from one domain  to an other and I think, that we
will have the same problems than you.

Was it possible to access the dashboard after moving  the sps-server to the new
domain? Or did you change any settings in IIS or SPS?

Have we to develop such export/import-scripts or could you please sent me your
export and import-scripts?

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