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How to exclude "_wpresources/ASPClient" folder

  Asked By: Scot    Date: Jun 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 983

I have one folder contains aspx(client) files. another folder
myResources contains all the imges, javascript files etc.
Like I wanted to do excludepath for '/_wpresources/ASPXCLient'. But
its giving error as

"/_wpresources/ASPXCLient" contains illegal character '/'.

Please can anybody tell how to solve this issue?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: M Juarez     Answered On: Jun 02

_wpresources is a SharePoint defined virtual directory for storing Web
Part resources for Web Parts whose DLL is globally deployed into the
GAC. It is not intended to be excluded.

I always create a directory called Custom in the 60 hive under
..\60\templates\layouts\1033 that contains resources like this. I can
access this from any site or area and it is automatically excluded. I
can even run inline script or code behind in these pages.

Answer #2    Answered By: Marty Mcdowell     Answered On: Jun 02

For aspx it is working fine. but my "1033\ASPXClient"
folder also contains 1-2 asmx files. how do I access it. all the web
service running in _vti_bin contains 3 relative
files(asmx,wsdl,disco). but I have only 1-2 asmx. how do I make my
asmx work?.

Answer #3    Answered By: Dakota Shaffer     Answered On: Jun 02

Is this a SharePoint question? You call your Web Services the same way
that you call any built-in, _vti_bin SharePoint Web Service. In fact,
you call your Web Services the same way you call any Web Service
installed on your Web Servers.

Maybe this article will help:

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