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  Asked By: Pamela    Date: Nov 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 983

I have an excel workbook with 7 worksheets in it. Can I make a webpart,
data view that shows all of these worksheets together on one page? I can
find no documentation on it. Thay are all the same construct, columns
etc.. just that each worksheet represents a different office, or

I have tried linking the data in SQL, (bad idea) and Access, (a one way
street from sharepoint to Access as far as I can tell) and now am
resorting to Excel which boasts bi-directional refresh capability.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Hailey Clark     Answered On: Nov 14

I don't believe there is anything OOTB to do this. AFAIK there is nothing to
support aggregating multiple Excel sheets as a single data  source and a data
view can only display 1 data source. It would be possible to create a custom
web part to aggregate the multiple data sources, or create a custom web service
to expose all the worksheet  data as a single data source, but either would be
custom development.

Answer #2    Answered By: Nisarg Shahane     Answered On: Nov 14

Yes, but that web part requires the Office 2003 web parts be installed on the
server, the Excel data  be stored in web part storage and that all clients have
Office 2003 Professional installed. As long as the data is small (e.g. a couple
MB tops if I remember correctly) and all the clients have the correct version of
Office that would be a possibility. The question was specifically about data
views (which I assumed meant Frontpage data views) which work as I described.

Answer #3    Answered By: Naimish Misra     Answered On: Nov 14

If they contain the tabs, then that is the entire workbook  imported or
exported to the document library (which may be another good way to work
with the data  and the view  I am after). What I have done though is
syncronized each worksheet  in the workbook to a seperate wss. list. Each
list has it's own page  on the wss. site.. 5 webpages altogether.. The
workbook is around 8 mb. in size and is updated on the same box as the
site itself.
It's essentially a YTD view of each offices sales with 5 columns in each
worksheet. Nothing real fancy...
wea each have office  2003 pro, no problems there... the raw data is
being exported from Quickbooks pro 2004 to the workbook via a macro on
an hourly basis from 5 seperate company files. Again no problem...

I'm just looking for the 'best" way to display the data and to see if it
were possible to either build a dashboard or find one premade that could
query and display by client name or contact or something along those

Maybe Quickbooks can export the sales data to the same worksheet instead
of making new one's for each office, but I havn't been able to figure
that one out yet.

Answer #4    Answered By: Terence Thornton     Answered On: Nov 14

response requires the use of a specific add-on web part which is
essentially a wrapper for Excel 2003 running locally on each user's machine. It
stores it's data  only in the web part storage allocated to that web part
instance. There is no data synching available since it's not a "real" data
source - you'd have to manually cut-and-paste the data between your exported
workbook and the web part copy.

You might be better off with a little HTML trickery. In this case you could
setup some simple web part pages without any of the borders - one for each
worksheet page  using the data connection to display from each WSS list. You
could then use an iframe in your real display page and create your own tabs
around it with links to change the src attirbute of the iframe to the
corresponding web part page.

Answer #5    Answered By: Lane Trujillo     Answered On: Nov 14

There is a "premade" rollup wizard available to create customized rollups on the
fly and query multiple lists, and then summarize rows in a tablular form all
within a web part. As data  changes in your lists, the rollups change dynamically
in real time. You can filter the data easily any way you want.

If this is helpful, let me know and I will post the info.

Answer #6    Answered By: Rafael Willis     Answered On: Nov 14

I'm not sure what all that is exactly, but if it will allow me to see
my sales data  on the wss site, linked, imported, exported or otherwise
in a live or force refreshed state then it's what I am looking for... I
can make an excel  workbook or an access  database and have my sales data
sent there with no problem at all. The problem has been having the new
data viewable on the sharepoint  site.
I have tested both methods and can set it up to refresh  the
database or excell workbook  every 5 minutes to once a week. If you have
the info i would gladly look at it.

Answer #7    Answered By: Richard Davis     Answered On: Nov 14

Go to www.corasworks.net/.../7-9rollups.html
If you have any questions, I can answer them for you.

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