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Events Problem

  Asked By: Maulik    Date: Feb 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 737

I downloaded the events web part for sharepoint portal server 2001 with sp1 and
the events it self working fine
But I have created another portal content folder with events profile and changed
the storing folder path in the events xml file to my new folder path
It's working fine for one day only then next day all documents doesn't appear
but it's still stored in the new folder
I didn't change any of the default script except the new folder path
Please help this is very important to my boss to have separate events folders



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sydney Lewis     Answered On: Feb 27

Go to the original dahboard that contains the Event web  part and export it to
tyour desktop. It will create a events.dwp and a folder named Events_Files. edit
the event.dwp with a text editor like notepad to change the title. then open the
Events_Files folder and edit the event.xml file with notepad to change the
<name> and <readfolder>

then Import the Web part  form yopur desktop to the new ddashboard.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jayme Raymond     Answered On: Feb 27

This is what is have done but I imported to the same dashboard because we want
both types of events  to appear on the home page of our site but when I imported
the web  part for the second time it created another folder called Events2_Files
and in this file I replaced the event.xml with the new file
Is this correct ?

Answer #3    Answered By: Devika Bellad     Answered On: Feb 27

The events  web part  displays events in a single folder. The default installation
creates folders under Portal Content:
Announcements, Events, and News.

If you want two different type of events to be displayed by different web  parts
then you need to have separate folders for each type. There is already one
Events folder so create another folder under Portal Content like OtherEvents
then you export the events web part to your desktop as OtherEvents.dwp and there
will be an OtherEvents_Files folder also created. Edit the OtherEvents.dwp with
notepad to changfe the <TITLE> to Other Events and go into the OtherEvents
folder and use notepad to edit event.xml to change the <name> to Other Events
and change the <readfolder> to [server]/[workspace]/Portal Content/OtherEvents.
Import that wweb part to your home page and it should create an Other Events web
part that will display events in the Other Events folder.

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