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Event ID - 3351 - Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGO

  Asked By: Alyssa    Date: Jan 28    Category: MOSS    Views: 6576

I have two instances of MOSS 2007 running where I have MOSS 07 on one
server and SQL Server 2005 on a seperate database server

I also have two test instances of MOSS 2007 where I have both MOSS 07
and SQL 2005 on the same machine

I have an error that is showing up in both the instances on the dual
server scenario but in not there in the single server scenario

The error that I see in the Event Log Application node on MOSS 07
machine is the following

Event ID - 3351

SQL database login failed. Additional error information from SQL
Server is included below.

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This error keeps coming after every 5 minutes

Also note that this error is not on the single server scenario (MOSS
and SQL Server on same machine)

I tried finding on the net to see if anyone had a similar situation
but did not find anything.

Microsoft has preliminary documentation on Technet but it does not
give enough information on "Anonymous Logon"

The link for Technet article is


While I could possibly go in and do the steps outlined in the Technet
article, my concern is what has 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'
account got to do with the connection to SQL Server.

I applied the recently released WSS and MOSS Service Pack 1 but it
did not make any difference.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lizette Mcconnell     Answered On: Jan 28

What service account are you running your SharePoint Application Pool
under? You should be running under a regular Domain user  account with
appropriate priveledges. I suspect one of your App Pools is running
under either local system or network service identity.

Answer #2    Answered By: Rosanna Parrish     Answered On: Jan 28

I looked in the Application Pools and I see Two application pools
running under Predefined "Network Service" Identity. They are

- DefaultAppPool
- OfficeServerApplicationPool

Other than these two all the other application pools are running
with "Configuralble" user  accounts that are Domain users and part of
domain admin group.

Do you think the "Network Service" account under
OfficeServerApplicationPool is creating the issue. Should I change
that to the "Configurable" domain account.