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Errors when editing Best Bets & Keywords

  Asked By: Bobbi    Date: Aug 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 1173

For reference: I'm running MOSS 2007 Standard Edition, SQL Server 2005.

I'm running into some errors creating Best Bets & Keywords. I have two
search centers running. One for the root site, one for another site
collection. So http://main/search <http://main/search> and
http://main/sites/client1/search <http://main/sites/client1/search>

When I'm on http://main/sites/client1 <http://main/sites/client1> , I
go into Site Actions --> Site Settings -->Search Keywords. I add a
keyword, with a best best attached to it and then click ok. I verify the
best best shows up when I do a search and it does. However, I go back
into edit the keyword, that's where I run into problems. I click Site
Actions --> Settings -->Search Keywords --> the keyword that I just
entered. If I try to edit the Best Bet, I either get "Best Bet not
found" or "Keyword not found".

Does anyone know what this might be? I don't get these kind of errors on
the root site (http://main <http://main> ).



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Answer #1    Answered By: Parijat Pathak     Answered On: Aug 29

We have suffered with this problem as well. In any site collection
not at the URL root path, the best bets  and keywords  interface seems
to malform the URLs causing errors. The programmer seemed to assume
that you would always be in the root path. In some cases, you can
work around the issues by manually fixing URLs, so you can manage to
create keywords but not best bets.

The good news is that we just applied MOSS SP1, and from my quick
testing the problem seems to be fixed.

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