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Enhanced Rich Text Renders as Readable, not Interpreted HTML

  Asked By: Emanuel    Date: Feb 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3135

I added a multiple line text column of type "enhanced rich text" to my
publishing page content type.

I can edit the HTML for this text field and when I save it
it translates the angle brackets to < and >

I assumed it would render the HTML. Did I develop my content type wrong?

From microsoft:

"Some Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services lists support enhanced, or
rich, formatted text, such as images, tables, and hyperlinks. For
example, in a discussion topic, you can insert a hyperlink to a related
Web site."


Some more background:

TinyMCE works excellently as a rich text editor across browsers.
TinyMCE's code can be used very easily in a page layout template. You
can put two script tags in the Master Page to enable all textareas to
include a rich text toolbar (code below). Place the toolbar code within
an Edit Mode Panel and viola!

I tried using sharepoint's out of the box Enhanced Text column type both
with and without this enabled and it still translates the HTML tags into
encoded tags.

If I could only figure out how to make these fields render html when
displaying the page, I'd be home free.

Any Ideas?



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