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Employee Activities Site Template Permissions Issue

  Asked By: Hannah    Date: Oct 01    Category: MOSS    Views: 1789

I downloaded some of those 40 site templates for WSS 3.0. I
installed the Employee Activities site template which is pretty nice
except that it appears to have a fairly big bug.

Heres my problem: Logging in as a site administrator you can perform
all actions on a site created with the employee activities site
template. But if you try login as a user who has been given Read, or
Contribute access (I would think contribute would be all you need)
and try to sign up to an activity it gives you a permissions denied
error when it tries to access the signup page that is part of the
workflow process. The only way to get rid of it is to add the user
with full control, which obviously makes the site unuseable as
everyone would be hosing up the site if I gave them that much

Any ideas?

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Employee Activities site template and create a new WSS
3.0 subsite with it's own unique permissons.
2. There should be groups created for Members, visitors, site
3. As a site owner create a new activity.
4. As a site owner add a regular domain user to the site and put it
in the "members" group which should give that person contribute and
read access to the site.
5. Login as the user you just created to sharepoint and goto the
Employee Activities Site.
6. Click on the sign up link, and VOILA, I get a permissions denied

Whats going on??? How do you grant permissions to a page that
doesn't really exist in any library, etc but is part of a workflow
and can only be viewed through SharePoint Designer 2007???



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