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Email notificaton on Sub Sites to come from different domains

  Asked By: Jean    Date: Aug 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1157

I have several affilliated companies that all use a single extranet (external collaboration) SharePoint Server. Each company has sub web sites that they use to collaborate with their customers or partners. Now, while each of the affilliated companies are all owned by one parent company, and they all play well iwht each other, they want email notifications from their sub webs to come from their domain. Example: I want notifications from https://collab.companyA.com/sites/companyAcustomer to come from notifications@companyA.com and I want notificatons from https://collab.companyB.com/sites/companyBcustomer to come from notificatons@companyB.com. Both of the above sites point to the same SharePoint server and the same Sharepoint applicaton, just different subwebs. From what I can tell, teh from address for notificatons is set at the application level of SharePoint. Is there any way to make it more granular. BTW, I'm using ECTS for the Extranet solution and I can't create multiple applications, i.e. one for each company, because that breaks ECTS (already been down that road). Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Britni Shepard     Answered On: Aug 10

I think you can't do with Out of the Box features. You need to write class library.

You can create  custom e-mail alert handler. In the class that extends IAlertNotifyHandler, use System.Net.Mail to send mail based upon the subweb with different from email  addresses. (Do not use SPUtility.SendMail which will take the common email address  given when creating the site collection).

one more reference for creating custom email alert handler: MSDN Blog