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Email not stored in AD, Can email attribute be mapped from LDAP or BDC source?

  Asked By: Harshit    Date: Aug 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1355

We are a bit unusual in that we use Notes and do not store email addresses in AD. I found this thread below, which somewhat addresses my issue.

If I were to configure a custom profile import with LDAP query or BDC and then import profile properties, would that help? Is email considered a base attribute? Can you even map to it from a non-AD source? Or would I only be able to map to, say, work email? If I did do that (map from LDAP or BDC to work email) would it work with alerts, workflows, etc. if all users only had a work email profile property and email was not populated?

I hope this make sense. I realize I'm a bit of an outlier.




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Answer #1    Answered By: Kacey Russo     Answered On: Aug 15

Yes - that value (and any value) can be set programatically. The item would first need to me changed from being "user editable". Next you will need to write the code that would consume the BDC which would reach out into a 3rd system to get the email  address. This process would occur during the profile  import.

If you need additional details on how to use Visual Studio to create custom  code to consume a BDC resource, I sugest a fresh post over in the "coding" section of these newsgroups.