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Editing the UI controls in the Newform.aspx

  Asked By: Armando    Date: Oct 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2541

Can I edit/delete a text box in the Newform.aspx of a List? I tried editing it in the FP 2003 but failed. Can anyone help me on this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tanner Moss     Answered On: Oct 04

The best way to remove a text  box from the Newform.aspx page of a list  is

-Modify settings and columns of that list
-In the middle section called Columns, click on the name of the column you
want to remove
-Scroll to the bottom and click the delete button
-Click OK on the "Are you sure" dialog

The field will no longer be in the list.

However, if you are trying to hide a column that you can't delete (like the
Title column on most lists) or you just want to edit the Newform.aspx page
to make it look different (ordering columns is best done in the Columns
section described above), FrontPage 2003 can help.

-Open Newform.aspx in FrontPage 2003
-Right click on the ListFormWebPart anywhere in the Main WebPartZone of this
-Choose "Customize SharePoint List Form" from the smart menu
-A <Content> tag containing a TABLE and a WebBot for each field will be
added to the ListFormWebPart
-Remove the row containing the field that you don't want to show
-Save the page and view in the browser

Use this technique judiciously as subsequent additions and deletions of
columns to the list may not produce the anticipated results. For instance,
removing a column will generate text on the edited page like:
<!-- #RENDER FAILED --> No such field name No field was found with
that name. Check the name, and try again.
New columns just don't show up on the page.

If you remove a field that is required, SharePoint will allow the user to
save the record anyway. I think that some kind of default value is used that
represents that no value was entered for a required field.

Finally, if you really goof up the ListFormWebPart on a page you can revert
back to the default view. Just right click on the ListFormWebPart anywhere
in the Main WebPartZone and choose Revert SharePoint List Form from the
smart menu.

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