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Edit_file utility -- only for author/coodinator, by chance?

  Asked By: Brenda    Date: Oct 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1128

I love this edit_file utility from the MS Resource Kit -- it really helps
users to open in IE when they want to (click on the title of the document in
document library), and open in Office if they want to (click on "edit"

However, I'd really like it if "Edit" didn't show up if the user only has
Reader permissions.

Currently, the user can click Edit, then it asks for authentication. If
authentication isn't given, then the user opens it in read-only mode. It
seems that the code that others have come up with to check if the user is
author or coordinator could help out here, but if someone's already done it
and tested, I'd like to take advantage of that knowledge. Kind of like how
the enhanced Announcements web part "knows" if you're author or above.

side question: has anyone successfully made these changes so that search
results also has an "edit" link?



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