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ECTS: Logged-on user being redirected to wrong site collection

  Asked By: Reuben    Date: Jan 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1724

I have an issue with ECTS that I can't seem to explain to my client.

I have ECTS rolled out accross a server farm and looking at an instance of ADAM for user authentication.

In one web application I have several site collections. The site collections I need to concern myself with for the purposes of explaining this issue are as follows:

/ - (root) - Explicit inclusion
/customerservices - Explicit inclusion
/customerservices/anothersite - Explicit inclusion
What appears to be happening is that when an external user attempts to log onto https://mydomain.com/customerservices/anothersite, the URL

changeqa.aspx page that they are redirected to is the URL of the /customerservices site collection instead of the /customerservices/anothersite. Because the ECTS user has only been added as a user with privileges at the /customerservices/anothersite level, and not the site collection /customerservices then they receive an "Access Denied" error page.


User A browses to http://mydomain.com/customerservices/anothersite
User A is logging in, actual URL now is https://mydomain.com/_layouts/ExternalCollaboration/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fcustomerservices%2fanothersite
User hits "Log on", authenticates, is then presented with the "Error: Access Denied" screen and is given the option to then either "Sign in as a different user" or "Request access".
URL is now https://mydomain.com/customerservices/_layouts/AccessDenied.aspx?


Note: What seems to have happened here is that the logon process has tried to rediret the user - following a successful log-on request, to mydomain.com/.../changeqa.aspx instead of http://mydomain.com/customerservices/anothersite/_layouts/ExternalCollaboration/changeqa.aspx
This behaviour is very odd and I hope it's something that's easy to sort out.



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