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E-mail enable a calendar list on a WSS 3.0 internal site combined

  Asked By: Roxana    Date: Jan 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2163

We are attempting to e-mail enable a calendar list on an internal WSS
3.0 site. We have allowed SMTP routing on the hosted Exchange 2007
server using the SharePoint External IP address. However, I am not sure
how to modify permissions or settings to ensure e-mail is properly
routed to the calendar list keeping in mind the Exchange 2007 server is
hosted. We are using a portal to provision/deprovision hosted Exchange
2007 users and only have the option to enable/disable SEND AS
permissions from within the Exchange 2007 portal.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jarvis Rowe     Answered On: Jan 29

Here is a blog post I wrote on incoming email a while back,

Incoming email just matches email addresses if you use permissions.
You'll just have to make sure that the From address  of the meeting
request matches the email address to someone that has permission to add
items to that calendar  list. Remember that calendars have to be sent
meeting requests for them to show up properly.

If it doesn't work the first place to look when troubleshooting is the
SMTP server log on the SharePoint server. Verify the message is making
it from Exchange to SharePoint. Next check your SharePoint ULS logs to
see what SharePoint is doing with the message when it gets it.
SharePoint will not send any kind of NDR if there's a problem, so the
only information is in the ULS logs.