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Dynamics SL Business Portal install to extranet and intranet without ISA?

  Asked By: Jim    Date: May 11    Category: MOSS    Views: 1292

I need to figure out how to install Business Portal for SL 7 project management, so that it is available through intranet and extranet, without using ISA server.

Currently, various page viewer web parts (the critical ones to my project of course - time entry, expense entry) can not be displayed (error 404) when viewed from the extranet. I know that my firewall (which is not ISA) is not blocking them, and I am at a loss to determine how to force these urls to resolve correctly.

I've already installed MOSS, created the site collection, installed Business Portal, extended the web app using SSL & installed my certificate in IIS.

Perhaps there is another sequence of install steps that others have used to successfully achieve this goal? I tried installing BP to an extended web app but could not select my web app from the drop down during the install. Documentation indicates that BP installer doesn't like SSL - but since there are no files in my extended web site's virtual directory, I don't see how I can disable then re-enable SSL for my extended site - I'd love to be proven wrong though!

Just to make the puzzle a little more... puzzling... we had this configuration working previously. For various reasons we decided to tear down what we had and start over, one of the reasons being nobody knew how it was done previously because the install & config were not documented. So we know it can be done but have no documentation on how it was done.

Again, if anyone has done this, I'd greatly appreciate any guidance they can offer.



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