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Duplicates all over the place

  Asked By: Brittanie    Date: Dec 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1017

Working on our dev server, I am trying to build a workflow that waits for a
document to be approved before copying it to another doc library. First hurdle
to tackle was trying to get it so that instead of copying a new file to the
library, to overwrite the file that is currently there, if it exists. I edited
the xoml of the workflow and changed "overwrite" from "False" to "True." seems
obvious enough. When I tested it using the system account it seemed to work
great. I then tested it using a user's account, and for some reason it wants to
copy the file twice, once as the system account and once as the user account.
And it doesn't overwrite the file when using the system account, it tacks the
date and time on to the end of the file. Why is it going through the copy
action twice? Is there a better way to copy a file from one library to another
once it is approved than using an SPD workflow?

Incidentally, when the approval task is assigned, it is also duplicated,
creating a conflict in Outlook. I doubt this will inspire confidence in our end
users, who are already leary of SharePoint and would prefer to use file shares
for everything they do.

in case anyone needs to know, it is a MOSS installation.



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