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Drive letters for backup/restore? (server data and log files)

  Asked By: Alberto    Date: Oct 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1130

I have a new server onto which I want to install Sharepoint and restore an
existing server's backup. I have many reasons for this, including stability,
performance, availability and other factors.

Main question: does a Sharepoint restore rely on the exact same drive
letters to be available? Is this information part of the backup/restore
file itself?

What happens if you restore to a server that doesn't have the same drive
letters? Are there workarounds? Can I set this per sharepoint after
install, and it'll restore to the right place?

Background information:

My existing server's data and log files are set up this way:
(3 separate logical volumes, C:, F:, L:)

C: (RAID1)
System, Boot
1.5GB - 3GB Swap
Sharepoint installation (C:\program files\sharepoint blahblah)

F: (RAID5) contains
Search Indexes
Search Gatherer Logs
WSS - Database
WSS - Streaming Database

L: (single SCSI drive)
Search Temporary Files
WSS - Database logs

The new server only has two separate RAID1 logical volumes, C: and F:. So,
I won't have the "L:" drive that is on the existing server.

I know that the ideal setup is to have four (4) separate logical drives
(thanx to Bill English for his details on page 123 of his book) to isolate
system& boot, swap, WSS logs and WSS db. I still may connect external
drives for swap and WSS logs but for now I just have the two volumes.

Can anyone say for sure what will happen? Do I need to subst a drive or
mount an L: in order for the restore to work?

ALSO: Bill, if you're watching, in your book you state

"Moreover, this entire discussion also applies to the other main database,
the sps.edb database."

Which implies that I really need an extra two logical volumes for it's
database and logs, but it's not clear to me if this is something you can
set. Where is that at? Any idea as to the performance gain? [performance
is a huge sore point with my users right now]



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