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Domain renaming with MOSS

  Asked By: Nicole    Date: Dec 20    Category: MOSS    Views: 1662

I figured I would share some of my experience from this week with the rest
of the group from this week. I work for an organization that will be
replicating entire MOSS farms (12+ servers with an AD) to other
organizations in a prepackaged format. Along with this package, which is
really just a set of preconfigured backup images, includes instructions for
customizing everything within the servers to meet the destination networking
So within the guide, there are instructions for changing IP addresses,
changing public facing urls and even changing the windows domain name.

I've been researching a lot online and I haven't turned up much information
for people changing windows domain names using the rendom tool in the
context of SharePoint. I found a few people that said it can't be done or
that everything would break. It turns out, that it is actually quite easy.

The configuration is 2 WFEs, 1 indexer, 1 central admin server and 1 sql
server, all with kerberos authentication.

After following the prescribed commands for renaming the windows domain, I
only had a few issues.
1) The dreaded "Cannot connect to configuration database" along with an SSPI
error in the event log - It turns out that when you install sharepoint and
point it to a FQDN for a sql server, moss ignores it and simply using the
hostname or netbios name. So if you feed it sqlserver.domain.com, it only
actually uses sqlserver to connect with. Long story short, the problem
turned out to be an SPN issue. When renaming a windows domain with kerberos
authentication, you have to manually change all SPNs related to the SQL
server and MOSS service accounts.
2) If you're hosting host headers, you have to update them all manually
3) Update alternate access mappings with CA
4) When clicking on Search Settings in the SSP, I got the dreaded "The
search service is currently offline. Visit the Services on Server page in
SharePoint Central Administration to verify whether the service is enabled.
This might also be because an indexer move is in progress." This is well
known issue, but i'm attempting to fix it. Regardless, after renaming, it's
a good idea to check the crawler and make sure it still indexes the correct
5) if any of the MOSS services run as user@... instead of
domain\user, they will have to be updated

Note: For the above, only the FQDN was changed, NOT the NetBIOS name.
Changing the netbios name would require a bit more work, mostly with
updating the farm credentials. It should be doable though



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